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The Top 10 Rules in Using Phallosan UK

Are you using Phallosan UK for the first time? Or are you considering of buying it? It is best that you know the following rules in using Phallosan UK before ordering.

1. Phallosan UK should be worn for at least two to three hours every day.

In order for the product to be effective, you should wear Phallosan UK for a minimum of two hours every day, and wearing it for longer times will lead to faster results. If you plan to wear it for up to 12 hours a day, remove it several times, for five minutes, in case you experience any inconvenience or pain.

2. The device should be removed when urinating.

Although it is not required, it is recommended that you remove the device before you pee, for hygienic reasons.

3. Use Phallosan UK as indicated in the packaging.

Phallosan UK has instructions for use in 15 language included in the packaging. Read it thoroughly before using. You could also visit their official website for further information.

4. All parts of Phallosan UK, except the stretch condom, is subject to a 12-month warranty.

If you find that one or several parts of the device you ordered is defective, you can ship it back to the manufacturer within two weeks from receiving the merchandise, without stating reasons.

If your product return has been validated, the manufacturer will return your payment. You may also claim compensation if you are able to prove that the product you received is substandard.

5. Phallosan UK can be used without any prior medical knowledge.

Phallosan UK comes with very detailed instructions in 15 languages and with an abundance of photographs. You may also call the manufacturer’s hotline found in their official website.

6. Phallosan UK is worn at your own risk.

Although Phallosan UK is perfectly safe, you still need to provide careful attention to the instructions in using the device. Do not use the device if there is an infection or open wounds on your penis.

7. Phallosan UK is only visible beneath swimming trunks.

Phallosan UK is not visible beneath jeans or tight pants, though there may be an outline of a seemingly large penis seen. The belt is only noticeable if worn beneath a pair of swimming trunks.

8. Phallosan UK can be worn while sleeping.

Because you can wear Phallosan UK safely for up to 12 hours every day, you can also wear the device safely while sleeping. If you naturally experience erections for several times during the night, the condom will stretch to accommodate them and will not impede blood circulation.

9. Phallosan UK is suitable for any penis size.

The resulting micro-vacuum caused by wearing Phallosan UK will securely hold a small penis or a penis with less prominent head without any pain.

10. Phallosan UK can be used at any age.

You are never too old to start using Phallosan UK. However, you should not use the device if you are not at least 21 years old, because your body is still developing into its full manhood.

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