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It Sounds Great, but Does Phallosan Work as Promised?

If you are interested in increasing the size of your penis, there are a few options available to you. One of those options is Phallosan. But does Phallosan work as promised? The information from the manufacturer, and the online customer reviews, seem to indicate that it does.

There are not many things that you can do about a small penis. Where women with small breasts can get implants that still allow the breasts to function, men do not share the same luck. In most cases, penis extension surgeries do not work. Many times the penis can be elongated, but will not rise and become erect like a normal penis. If it isn’t even going to work, what is the point?

Because surgery is not a viable option, men looking for a larger penis have turned to the pharmaceutical market, often with mixed results. There are a lot of different penis enlargement pills on the market.

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However with so many of them oversaturating the marketplace, it can be difficult to pick the ones that actually work from among all of the other junk pills. In most cases, the pills do nothing at all, and in worst-case scenarios, the pills can actually have very dangerous side effects.

Phallosan works by allowing your body to increase the size of the tissues in the penis through gentle stretching exercises. This is called traction, and it is the same principle used by tribes in Africa and other places of the world to elongate limbs. A perfect example is the women you have seen on National Geographic with the extremely long necks. This same technique elongates your penis.

Phallosan is unique in that it does not look similar to other penis extenders on the market. Most penis extenders have the classical tube shape and look like an odd sort of pump. Phallosan, on the other hand, has a belt that you wear which applies outward pressure gently to your penis.

Where other extenders have a loop that fits around your shaft, Phallosan has a piece not unlike a condom that applies negative pressure to your penis. This results in even stretching of the penis, meaning that you will not only see an increase in size of the shaft, but in the glands of the penis as well.

According to customer reviews left by people who used Phallosan, the device worked to help them elongate their penises. One man said that he liked how Phallosan did not look like one of the silly penis pumps he had seen in movies.

Another buyer said that he started using Phallosan to gain a few inches on his penis, and that after about a month he has noticed that he has gained about a quarter of an inch in length so far.

One woman said that she bought it for her husband, and that it has worked to make his penis bigger. She wrote that she had been skeptical, but that after a few months she has been able to tell the difference when they are in bed.

According to buyers who left positive reviews, Phallosan is a great choice for natural penis extension. Cheaper and safer than surgery or pills, Phallosan is going to show you results.

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