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Penis straightening and enlargement


PhallosanAre you dissatisfied with your performance in bed? Are you tired of your lover’s frustrated looks? Do you want to unleash the sexual animal within that’s buried under many unfulfilling sexual romps? Through the magic of Phallosan, you can!

Phallosan is a brand-new, revolutionary pain-free application that effectively enlarges the head of the penis, thereby improving the quality of your erections and sex life in general.

Unlike other awkward penis enlargement devices and various medication that have a number of health risks, Phallosan can be comfortably worn under normal clothing continuously for at most 12 hours, even during the night time.

The Phallosan method uses the science of “atraumatic stretching” of the male organ and the spongy components inside it, causing the cells and tissues to expand and elongate.

Through longer application and frequent use, your penis will not only benefit from it improving your length, but your girth as well, turning you into a proud sex god worthy of praise.

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How Does It Work?

How it worksUsing Phallosan for your sexual needs is so easy, you won’t even need to read a thick manual of instructions to make it work.

Phallosan is an orthopedic stretching belt that can be worn with zero pain for up to 12 hours during the day or night and can show immediate significant results. Through mild and constant stretching on the penis, tissues are able to regenerate and reproduce new cells.

The stealth, vacuum-like action generated by Phallosan works on the entire penis. The negative pressure caused by the vacuum works its wonders on the glans first, keeping it safe and secure while allowing it to grow noticeably.

If you are afraid of getting your junk trapped in this contraption, you don’t need to worry because the belt tension of Phallosan has limitless adjustability.

The protector cap that shields the glans and foreskin from too much swelling and redness acts as a buffer in case the suction is found to be too strong. Much like a compression stocking, it gives off a slight pressure right on the surface, making more room for tension to increase.

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Why Is Everyone Raving About Phallosan?

MediaMen all over the world are ecstatic about owning their very own Phallosan device because it has been proven to significantly improve the length and the girth of the penis with absolutely no pain and worry involved.

There are virtually no known side effects to using Phallosan, and that in itself makes it a truly worthy purchase. Not all penis enhancement products can truthfully claim that.

And it’s not only the men who are happy about the effects of Phallosan on their sex life. The female companions of satisfied Phallosan customers are thoroughly enjoying the perks the product has to offer.

The Benefits Of Phallosan

    – Very easy to use

    – Hassle-free maintenance and clean-up

    – Promises high level of comfort while in use

    – Can be worn for long periods of time, up to 12 hours straight

    – 100% painless

    – Has zero negative effects on blood circulation

    – Absolutely no risk of injury

    – Hidden and secure


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Features of Phallosan

Are you afraid of the risk of people finding out that you intend to use Phallosan for your sexual gain? Not to worry! One of the great things about ordering Phallosan is its anonymous purchase feature.

The makers of Phallosan place their products in plain packaging, with absolutely no indication of its nature or use. When you use your credit card to purchase Phallosan, there will be no indication of the product on your receipt or your bank statement.

As for the product’s return policy, you have the option of returning your merchandise within 2 weeks from purchase date, no questions asked. Condoms that are retained in their original packaging may be exchanged for a size more to your liking within 2 months from purchase date.

There is a 2-year warranty on all parts of the Phallosan orthopedic belt, excluding the vacuum condoms and protector caps. Parts of the belt can all be ordered separately.

Package Inclusions

    – Foam rubber covered silicon ring

    – Buckle for individual adjustment of the belt

    – Elastic belt for fitting around the waist

    – Clip (nickel-free) for attaching the vacuum condom

    – Vacuum condom in 3 sizes (S, M and L)

    – Protector cap for the glans

    – Pump ball for creating a vacuum

    – Template for condom selection

    – Instructions for use in 15 languages


PhallosanBy using Phallosan, gone are the days of yearning for a longer and stronger penis. This top-of-the-line product guarantees you amazing results that will leave you more confident with your performance in bed and will increase the quality of your sex life exponentially.

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